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Jennifer Dekezel Emulates MONAT’s Culture of Community

Jennifer Dekezel, Market Mentor, is a Police Constable in Toronto who has gone above and beyond the scope of her daily job by running a community-based program called “Girlz will be Girlz”, which mentors deserving young girls who come from troubled homes. The program teaches the girls life skills and provides much needed resources to help them succeed in life.

With a motto of “As a young female I know that I can do anything I put my mind to,” Jennifer truly emulates MONAT’s Gratitude culture of giving back to those who are less fortunate and truly in need. After running “Girls will be Girlz” for 10 years, Jennifer has 28 girls in the program, ranging from 9 to 18 years. Jennifer feels it is very important to include gratitude as part of their everyday teachings.

After her divorce, Jennifer struggled with maintaining her home, which she filled with renters so she could pay her mortgage. She tells how MONAT turned her life around.

“My home had been a sanctuary for my girls so I felt like I let them down. It had been a loving place for them to come when they didn’t feel safe, needed some support and to be out of their violent area. Then two years ago I was introduced to MONAT as I was looking for products without harsh chemicals for my mother with multiple sclerosis. Of course I fell in love with the products and that’s where my journey began as a Market Partner.”

Since starting as a Market Partner, Jennifer’s business has flourished and she no longer has to rent out rooms in her home. Her next goal is to earn a Cadillac to be able to transport more of her girls to events together.

“I have MONAT Gratitude, with its guidance, support and resources that have enabled me to continue with ‘Girlz will be Girlz,’ to thank for that. MONAT has really been a miracle in all our lives.”

Jennifer doesn’t stop there. She’s also been involved with Toys for Tots for seven years. She truly reflects MONAT’s ideals of gratitude, benevolence, community service, humility, philanthropic efforts and leadership. Let’s hear it for Jennifer!








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