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Kathy Claybaugh Leads the Autism Awareness Squad

Kathy Claybaugh, Associate Market Mentor, Illinois, has taken it upon herself to invest her time and resources into helping those who live with an autistic child and to raise awareness in her local community.

When Kathy first started meeting parents of autistic children, she said, “I choked back the tears as I listened to them talk and shared their daily routines. My heart is bursting with love and respect for the parent that works each second of the day the best they can.

And at the end of the day, all they want is hear those 3 words we all take for granted ‘I love you.’

This is real life for them and I want to help even more than ever to bring autism acceptance to my community. When I approached MONAT Gratitude about autism I had no idea the doors would open for Cumberland County, IL, and I would get so much help.”

With MONAT Gratitude’s guidance, Kathy and her team have established Autism Acceptance in Cumberland County, IL, as an official non profit organization to create a safe place to bring loved ones with autism.

Kathy, much to her joy, has received support from many other MONAT leaders helping her to Open Doors to Autism Acceptance. For example, the MONAT Gratitude Autism Acceptance Squad benefited from a Super Saturday hosted by SED Maggie Daniel and her team. Over 150 guests collected more than 500 items on the Autism Acceptance needs list.

Future plans are many, including guest speakers, sensory projects, siblings nurturing, petting zoos, parent time, autism swims, fund raisers, teacher training, informational training and questions answered or simply a pathway to finding answers to the needs of parents of autistic children.

Kathy is the representation of MONAT Gratitude’s ultimate purpose: to inspire people to take action and make a difference.

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