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Lori Bonello, AMB, is an amazing person. Not only does she give freely and effortlessly of her time to those less fortunate than her in a wide variety of circumstances, but she has also motivated her entire family to donate their time and effort as well. It’s a true group effort.

The Bonellos are involved with the Howell Police Athletic League and National PAL along with Mary’s Table in Howell, New Jersey. They have helped out in so many ways it’s almost dizzying. With the PAL, they have helped in disaster relief across the country, from cleaning up after hurricanes, tornadoes and others disasters, including Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Irene, the Houston Hurricanes and spent hundreds of hours with Hurricane Sandy clean-up and rebuilding along the New Jersey shore and parts of New York.

The family has done countless fundraisers and gift auctions as well as collected donations and supplied food and water to Howell’s local tent city. They also gather to spread holiday cheer to nursing homes and hospitals. In addition, the family is a Member of the Community Emergency Response Team and helps in crisis in the community, whether it be directing traffic if power goes out or finding shelter in local churches for the homeless in tent city when it’s too cold for them outside. The Bonellos also volunteer one to two times a month at Mary’s Table, a soup kitchen. They prepare, cook and serve to about 150 people.
They began volunteering when the kids were little for different organizations and started volunteering on a regular basis when their oldest son was in middle school. He signed up for the local Police Athletic League youth leadership program and after the family went to the first meeting with him, they knew they all wanted to be a part of it.

Getting started volunteering as a family was not at all difficult for them. Many of their children’s friends had also started volunteering along with their families so they had a community of people who shared common values.

Lori Bonello was motivated to join the MONAT Gratitude movement because it simply made perfect sense. Her family had been volunteering ever since their boys were young because the parents wanted to instill in them a sense of giving and helping others. Thus, they all found the MONAT Gratitude Movement very inspiring.

In fact, when Lori was joining MONAT as a Market Partner, the company’s core values and gratitude really stood out for her. She loves that MONAT focuses its values on family, youth and education. As she says, “The more we are grateful, the more blessings we have.”


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