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MONAT Gratitude has been an integral piece of the MONAT Global company culture since our inception in 2014.

The values of gratitude and giving back have always been a high priority for Chairman Sr. Luis Urdaneta and the Urdaneta family.

What started as smaller local volunteer initiatives are growing rapidly into a movement across the world where MONAT Market Partners and corporate staff strive to help improve their local communities by donating their time, talent and resources to change lives.

MONAT Gratitude is not only one event, one product, or standalone donations, it is a movement that seeks to inspire the entire MONAT family and network to get involved, to take action, and to make a difference.


We believe that we can UNITE and INSPIRE the world through GRATITUDE!


Dear reader! Thank you for
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We are so thankful and excited about the enthusiasm that our Market Partners, VIPs and their families (and even other community members) have done to embrace Gratitude since we first started this movement three years ago!

It all began with our dream to make an impact in our community, leave a positive mark, and somehow “change the world”. Now, this is the mission of thousands of people, which is so incredible, and indeed the beautiful reality!

We so appreciate and value your desire to make a difference in your communities. Your generous donation of time, your efforts, and your caring support truly helps to make a difference. I always say: “there is NO SMALL effort, every time we do something for another person it has a ripple effect to help many people around the world.” Together we are showing how big of an impact we can have when we all embrace the spirit of making a positive difference - either financially, actions, or simply giving LOVE, and I couldn’t feel more proud!

One of our key initiatives, Gratitude Week, was created based on my father, our Chairman Sr. Luis Urdaneta’s, desire to dedicate his birthday week to giving back in our communities. Even beyond that I can tell you that Gratitude week, the Gratitude movement, and MONAT GRATITUDE was created with the intention of motivating the behavior of giving back in others.

The main focus, for us, is to go out there and help people, actually TAKE ACTION and make gratitude a reality. We want to show others that giving love is easy, and show our future generations that one can (and should) be kind. Our Gratitude Week 2017 saw our Market Partners fundraising, organizing bike donations, and toys or sweater/coat collection - it was simply heartwarming to see!!

Now, I repeat, what was a dream a few years ago is now a reality, and over 150 Market Partners throughout North America have embraced the “making a difference” statement in 2017 and WOW we are making a huge impact!

My family and I sincerely can’t wait to see what the future holds for MONAT GRATITUDE, but one thing is for sure happening: We will we keep on taking action and giving to our loved communities and the world, we will keep on motivating our field leaders to do the same, and we will keep trying our best to leave a positive mark anywhere we are and anywhere we go.

Thank you for being part of our family!
Sending you love and a big hug,

Lu Urdaneta