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EACH YEAR, THE CHAIRMAN’S AWARD RECOGNIZES THOSE WHO HAVE been nominated by other Market Partners in the field as the MONAT Hero of the year.


Christina Smallwood

The gift of freedom—time and financial—has enabled Christina Smallwood to tap into her passion of giving…making it part of her job every day.

“The beauty of Gratitude is that everyone can find their own unique passion and implement it for free. It doesn’t have to be some HUGE movement, most of them won’t be. Just remember, to the world you may be one person, but to one person you might be the world.”

–Christina Smallwood

Christina strives to eliminate feelings of isolation and loneliness for moms in the special needs community and continues to build her support group, fondly called the Warrior Mixer Initiative.

She also strives to ignite passion for Market Partners through her passion for educating and advocating.

She is putting her MONAT Hero award donation money to good use, as it is helping to kick off her next project. Christina has partnered with Wheels for the World, which provides wheelchairs to those in need all over the world and changes lives by creating accessibility.

Christina knows what it means to be gifted with such an instrumental piece of equipment and the magnitude of its presence. She is getting to live out one of her other “dream jobs” by being able to give such gifts!

Passion and perseverance have brought Christina great success through her MONAT business and she is excited to help others keep dreaming bigger! She encourages you to find a Gratitude purpose by exploring different avenues in your life. Once you find one that makes your heart skip a beat, RUN with that effort!

When in doubt, Gratitude!


Jennifer Dekezel

Jennifer Dekezel is a Toronto-based Market Mentor and Police Constable who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Jennifer launched GIRLZ WILL BE GIRLZ, a mentorship program for young girls growing up in Toronto’s high-risk communities. For the last 10 years, GIRLZ WILL BE GIRLZ has offered resources and lessons to help these young ladies pave their pathway to success.

“MONAT Gratitude, with its guidance, support and resources, has enabled me to continue with GIRLZ WILL BE GIRLZ. MONAT has really been a miracle in all our lives.”

-Jennifer Dekezel

Jennifer mentors girls ranging from age nine to 18, and the importance of spreading gratitude is at the core of her lessons. Her personal motto is, “As a young female, I know that I can do anything I put my mind to!” This positive mantra serves as a source of motivation for the 28 girls she currently works with.

Jennifer’s efforts have also built a solid relationship assisting Toys for Tots for the past seven years. Her ongoing commitment to positively impacting the next generation is inspiring—and she reflects the MONAT ideals of gratitude, community service, humility and leadership.


Amy Marino

Amy is a dedicated MONAT Director who has built the spirit of giving and Gratitude into her successful business and her team’s values. She strives to be a constant support and resource for her team while also embracing the MONAT spirit of Gratitude.

Amy is committed to encouraging young adults to step into their destiny and feels like her MONAT business has enabled her to have a greater positive impact on at-risk teens and homeless children.

She has adopted two children and was a proud foster mom for three years. In addition, she commits her time and resources to help prevent child trafficking through JOY International, an organization that rescues trafficked children, teens and young women, and helps them find healing and resources. She educates the community about trafficking and invites others to help raise awareness.

Amy feels that MONAT has given her an avenue to give back and she is excited to see her team embracing this spirit in their work as well.

Lam is a stellar representation of what gratitude is for MONAT


Lam Le

Lam Le, who became a Market Partner in June 2015, is grateful for her blessings and giving in return comes naturally to her.

As a physician who specializes in wound care and limb salvage, Lam is exceptionally passionate and committed to her profession. She is the last stop before one has to consider amputation. She works extraordinarily hard to preserve health and happiness.

Lam came to America from Vietnam as a child with her family and feels extremely blessed for her opportunity to create a fulfilling life.

In return, she pays it forward with an innate instinct to heal the broken-hearted and bandages their wounds. Lam founded the HEAL Foundation to help heal body, mind and spirit for the underserved and needy.

Globally, the HEAL foundation has two clinics in Vietnam that treat wounds for those who cannot afford care.

Locally, the HEAL Foundation runs a wound treatment clinic for those in need in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lam also supports other local charities involved with needy children and domestic violence.

Her gratitude for her life…and MONAT, where healthy hair leads to beautiful lives…knows no bounds. She believes MONAT came into her life so she could help others who really need it, one of the MONAT core values.

In 2015, we had our FIRST MONAT HERO recipient in history…


Sara Lunsford

Sara enrolled as one of the very first Market Partners on the first day of pre-launch, August 15, 2014.

With all that MONAT has made possible, she committed to raise funding and support for six more homes at the Soaring Wings Ranch for foster children in Arkansas.

Sara’s passion is to serve the foster children in her area. She believes that MONAT is a gift, as well as a family.

Not only she is a GREAT MONAT leader, but also Sara is Market Partner that truly goes above and beyond. Sara knows we care about more than hair, and one of our core value is: “We are happy when we help others be happy!”

Thank you, Sara, for all you do and for sharing with us the passion of making a difference in the world!