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Every year, we honor the recipient of the prestigious Chairman's Award–a standout member of our MONAT community. This isn't your typical award; it's a heartfelt celebration of outstanding leadership, team building, genuine gratitude, and active community involvement.

The winner of this special honor is more than a successful business leader; they're an embodiment of inspiration, a true role model who spreads positivity wherever they go. Their heart is filled with compassion, and their actions are dedicated to giving back. From their local neighborhood to broader horizons, they're creating positive change every step of the way.

Their story isn't just about them; it's a reminder of the power of seizing opportunities and making adifference. Through their efforts, they inspire others and remind us that even small actions can lead tobig impacts.

With unwavering courage and dedication, they shine as our MONAT Hero–a symbol of hope, a force for change, and a testament to what a single person can achieve.

In celebration every recipient of the Chairman's Award, the MONAT Gratitude Foundation contributes $60,000 USD towards a charitable purpose of their selection during the year they designated as the honoree. ($5,000 per month)



In 2021, Brittany invested her entire $250,000 Five Million Dollar Club Bonus to establish the Hawega Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on ending the practice of female genital mutilation in Tanzania through educational scholarships. In a tribe where 100% of the girls were at risk of undergoing FGM and had no access to formal education, the Hawega Foundation's intervention made a significant difference. Brittany and her husband continue to make a profound impact in the lives of girls in Tanzania, sending more girls to school and celebrating their first day with their families.

As a successful MONAT Market Partner for more than six years, Brittany firmly believes in leading by example, prioritizing the success and growth of her team, and fostering a culture of gratitude and service. Recently, Brittany has expanded her charitable efforts, organizing birthday parties at The Salvation Army in Miami and hosting events to raise funds and provide gifts for the Miami Children's Hospital. Through her acts of kindness and her unwavering servant leader heart, Brittany is a catalyst for change, encouraging everyone to find their unique way of giving back and transforming lives.



This Associate Executive Director, Million Dollar Club member and former Gratitude Ambassador embraces every opportunity to serve. Monica is not only a great leader, but she integrates her giving-back efforts as much as possible within her MONAT business.

Monica routinely partners with local leaders for campaigns such as the Demand Project, raising more than $70,000 for an anti-trafficking shelter in Oklahoma. She also fundraises and donates items on behalf of a safe-housing organization for trafficked women called The Hope Center Indy. Having been a teen mom, Monica now mentors teen mothers, helping to guide them in a positive direction through support, resources, education, and basic life skills. Through monthly Gratitude campaigns, she engages customers and encourages her team to embrace giving year-round.

“Giving back is never about doing one better but just simply doing better. No matter how big or how small your effort, impact is impact. That's where making a difference begins and where it will be remembered. I've learned that doing something small is better than nothing at all. It creates aripple effect that eventually turns into a wave of forward movement that other people can't help but want to be a part of.”

Monica Hobbs



Melissa was moved as a teenager to advocate on behalf of children facing cancer following the death of her best friend from the disease. Throughout the last two decades, Melissa has been a committed volunteer for cancer support center Camp Happy Days. The center offers patients and their families arange of services and programming including mental health support, crisis resources, and a week long camp for patients aged four to sixteen. To date, Melissa has raised more than $170,000 USD in support of families navigating cancer.

Melissa also regularly volunteers for Low country Orphan Relief. As a former foster mom, she gives her time and resources to those currently in the foster care system. MONAT has given Melissa the income and freedom to live a life centered in Gratitude. Now she has more time to volunteer, an income that enables her to donate more generously, and leadership skills that inspire her team to embrace Gratitude knowing it can empower their businesses and lives.

"In a world full of people who are hurting, small acts of kindness area pretty big deal."

Melissa Engdahl



Jessica joined the MONAT family in November 2015. While she has always been enthusiastic about giving, it’s her MONAT journey that inspired her to act within the community she helped create. In 2019 she partnered with Compassion International to raise funds for and build a community center in Ecuador. During MONATions 2019, she used her platform to inspire thousands of people and raised $348,000 USD for the construction of three more Compassion centers in Colombia. Jessica has made life long friendships, become a mentor, traveled to exciting places, and joined a loving community dedicated to giving back.

“Gratitude is a way of life and creates so much joy! We all have something to be grateful for. And by living your life in Gratitude, not only can you help others, but it opens the door for others to be inspired to give along with you! When you step out—big or small—it creates a trickle effect, and you will beamazed at all that can be achieved!”

Jessica Schone



Adoptive and special needs mom Christina, whose eldest daughter Finley has cerebral palsy, cites her daughter’s first “loaner walker” as a life-changing gift—one that inspired Christina to choose Wheels for the World as her MONAT Hero partner charity. Wheels for the World is a global organization dedicated to transforming lives through accessibility by providing wheelchairs and other mobility aids to those in need.

Passion and perseverance have brought Christina great success through her MONAT business, and she is now excited to inspire others to keep “Dreaming Bigger!” She encourages everyone to discover what “sings to their heart” and pursue their own Gratitude mission.

“The beauty of Gratitude is that everyone can find their own unique passion and implement it for free. It does not have to be some huge movement - most of them will not be. Just remember that to the world you may be one person, but to one person you might be the world.”

Christina Smallwood



Not only does Jennifer work as a police officer in her home city, but she also founded Girlz Will Be Girlz, a group that mentors at-risk girls living in high-crime areas of Toronto. Jennifer currently mentors more than forty girls, helping them navigate life’s challenges and opening her home when they need a safe, warm place to stay. She’s intensely grateful that MONAT has not only provided her with a professional opportunity, but also that she’s able to mentor and support even more girls through her passion program.

“We have ONE beautiful life before us. In this life, let’s be kind to ourselves and to others. Let’s look atone another as equal regardless of gender, race, or religion. Harmony is made when we come together as one. Being humble, grateful, and kind—these are my daily mantras.”

Jennifer Dekezel



Mom to three, Amy makes it a point to be the change she wishes to see in the world for her daughters. In addition to home-schooling her girls, she teaches entrepreneurial classes to kids of all ages with the aim of igniting their desire to learn through fun, hands-on, real-world experiences.

Through her volunteer work, Amy has seen first hand the overwhelming need for at-risk or formally trafficked youth to be welcomed into loving homes and families. As both a foster and adoptive mom, for many years she has served as an advocate, raising awareness on behalf of the health, safety, welfare, and care of children. Amy’s dedication has led her to partner and volunteer with organizations including Children’s Heart Gallery, Girls on the Run, Youth at Heart–Tulsa, Adaptive Ops, and Soroptimist International, and others. Amy has made it her mission to help children find sanctuary, support their journey to a forever family, and help activate their full potential

“View each day as an opportunity to be the change we wish to see in the world around us. We can either complain or do something about it. Be a doer! You will be amazed at what God can do with your ‘Yes!’”

Amy Marino



Lam pays her Gratitude forward through her innate desire to help the underserved and support the healing and ongoing health of the body, mind, and spirit. Aphysician who focuses on limb salvage and severe wound treatment, Lam founded the Heal Foundation, which provides free, advanced-wound care for those in need of critical attention in the USA and throughout the international community. Utterly passionate and committed to her patients and profession, Lam feels extremely blessed for her opportunity to create a fulfilling life and help others restore their health, happiness, and sense of wellbeing.



Sara’s passion is to serve the foster children in her home of Arkansas, where she serves as a board member and dedicated volunteer with Soaring Wings Ranch. Through support of her local White HallFood Pantry, Sara also helps to provide meals to hungry children over the summer and during school breaks. Sara believes that MONAT is a gift, as well as a family.

“The collective, positive impact that we can have on the world when we work together toward a common goal is an inspiration.”

Sara Lunsford